Citizen IR-61 / DP-600 Cartridge Ribbon (Black/Red)

POS Accessories

Citizen IR-61 / DP-600 (B/R)

  • Premium Quality
  • Each Ribbon is Individually Sealed in Plastic
  • Long Life Nylon / Hi-Yield Design
  • Guaranteed to Meet and/or Exceed OEM Specifications

Citizen IR-61 / DP-600 Ribbon suitable for:

  • Casio CE4050, FE2000, KP300
  • Citizen 385-1 Series, CBM DP600 Series, CBM710, CBM715, CBM720, CBM725, CBM730, CBM750, DP600, DP610, DP611, DP612, DP614, DP617, DP622, DP624, DP627, DP630, DP650, DP900, IDP-3516, IDP-3520, IDP-3530, IDP-3535, IDP-3540, IDP-3541, IDP-3545, IDP-3546, IDP-3550, IDP-3551, IDP-4530, IDP-4540, IR61, VLT GAMING PTR
  • CRS 2000
  • Data Card 22, 24, Slip Ptr
  • Datamega DPN3110, DPN3120
  • Datatrol 3530SP, 780
  • IBM 4614, SUREONE
  • JCM Gold-3700
  • Konic Electr. System I, System II, System III
  • MICROS 385-1, 4700 Main, 8700, Autocut 4000, Autocut 4700
  • Nikko NK614
  • Nippon Primex NP610
  • Olympia CM1920, CM1930, CM1935, CM1936, CM2030, CM2035, CM2130, CM2135
  • Optima Elite 1200 Series
  • Panasonic FAST FOOD POS SYSTEM, JS130, JS660, JS7000, JS7500, JS8000, JS9000, MCDonalds POS Systems, RM800, WS800RM
  • Royal ALPHA 1750, ALPHA 9170, CMS750, CMS9000, CMS9200
  • Samsung ER350, ER550, ERP200, SMP200, SRP100, SRP200, SRP250
  • Sanyo ECR358, ECR548
  • Sharp ER-O3RP, ER-A430, ER-A770
  • Siemens BEETLE 20 w/Citizen Ptr
  • Star Micronics MP300, MP312F, MP317, MP321-S24, MP322-S24, MP323-S24, MP342, PM352S, MP382, SCP700
  • Swintec SW2250
  • TEC FDS300, MA-1300, RKP300, ST550
  • Towa ET5416, ET6120, ET6420
  • Triumph Adler CMS9200
  • Walther ECR1210, ECR1220, ECR1520
  • And many more!


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