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EPABX Installation and Setup

Fully customizable asset tracking solution to track and report on capital assets, equipment, furniture and other items that must be physically inventoried on a regular basis. Add new items in the field via handheld scanners as well as collect asset status information such as Idle, In Use, Damaged, etc.

We have the perfect software to help you track your assets (IT equipment, tools, furniture, or whatever is valuable to you). We have great handheld functionality built into our web-based asset tracking application. We have made asset tracking easy to help rid you of the pain of tracking your assets and provide a quick return on your investment.

An anti theft device to provide seamless theft protection from employee theft or theft by others. In addition to theft protection for valuable equipment and assets, its also provides real time asset tracking. The anti theft device system provides anti theft devices that are designed to prevent employee, theft or unauthorized removal of assets. Typical anti theft device and asset tracking applications include overhead projectors, lab equipment, computer theft, furniture, fire extinguishers, medical equipment, and any other item of value or strategic importance.

Personnel Tracking

Employees and staff persons carrying wireless belt clip pendants can also be tracked in a facility. As with asset tracking, a query is made at the computer to see the last known location of the person. These same personnel tracking pendants can also be used to call for help in an emergency. The computer shows who activated the call and their location. This is especially comforting to employees and managers who must walk to their car at night in a parking garage or parking lot.

Door Alarm

Door Alarms range from simple battery powered devices, which monitor one door or area, to systems that can monitor many doors throughout the facility. Some systems require the use of a keypad code to bypass them, while more simple systems will provide an audible alert as soon as the door is approached or opened. They do not require the use of a transmitter and, therefore, require caregiver intervention to deactivate them before anyone can pass through the door.

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