Dot Matrix Printer

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Dot Matrix Printer

The dot matrix printers are a type of printer that develops characters and illustrate it by striking pins against an ink ribbon in order to print closely spaced dots in the appropriate shape. Dot matrix printers can print to multi-page forms. Dot matrix printers are having two important characteristics that include speed which is given in characters per second (cps). The speed might get varied from about 50 to over 500 cps. Depending on the quality of print desire, most of the dot matrix printers offer different speeds. Another characteristic is the quality of print. The quality is determined by the number of pins. It might get varied from 9 to 24. The best dot matrix printers that are of 24 pins might produce near letter-quality type. A dot matrix printer might use plain paper, NCR paper or thermal paper, and also several copies of a document that can be made at the same time. Most dot matrix printers print bidirectional.

The following points explain the features and working of dot matrix printers:

  • Ribbons
  • Pins
  • Working


The dot matrix printers use a ribbon that is covered with ink. The pins strike the ribbon to transfer the ink onto the paper in response to the computer’s commands when the paper feeder moves the paper into position. Color ink ribbons consist of three bands corresponding to the three primary colors. Color images need to be printed with several pin strikes to create the proper tone.


The pins on a dot matrix are where all the action is performed. The number of pins has a direct impact on the speed and resolution of the output in a dot matrix printer. The dot matrix printers produce-low-resolution printouts when they start at 9 pins. When consumer dot matrix printers reach 24 pins, it has got maximum resolution. The dot matrix printers have denser dot patterns, which means it have higher resolution and better print quality.


Dot matrix printers are also referred to as impact printers. These dot matrix printers are capable of printing text and simple graphics. The printer draws one character at a time is from a dot matrix and most often it consists of either 9 or 24 pins. After that,, it strikes several metal pins against an inked ribbon, and it transfers the image to a sheet of tractor feed paper. Dot matrix printers can print at high speed for many hours at a time with little to no human intervention.

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