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EPABX Installation and Setup

MHI Warehouse Tracking Solution is a barcode-based mobile solution that enables organisations to automate the process of item movement in and out of warehouses.

  • Each item is tracked and validated against the respective documents for better visibility and movement.
  • The solution can be designed to work online, which means each scan is validated and posted to the central server in real time with the help of the wirelessly enabled warehouse.
  • An Alternate method of working as offline, which is more cost-effective and works in environment which is not wirelessly enabled,. All data is captured at the point of activity, stored locally on mobile devices and later synchronised back to the Backend system.
  • Capture data at the point of activity
  • Validate while capturing
  • Avoid errors and collect precise data using barcode
  • Track Model number and Serial Number Barcode
  • Online or Offline methods for data sync
  • Minimise manual data entry by using scanner-enabled mobile devices
  • Plugin multiple Mobile devices


Receive Item into warehouse

Track and validate all the items received into the warehouse based on the PO. Capture of serial numbers for all the serialized items.

Bin items in respective locations

All received items can be placed in respective bins and the BIN locations are mapped against items for easy visibility in the system.

Pick items based on picking list

Solution enables the user to pick items based on the picking list. Validations make sure the items picked are accurate

Shipping item from warehouse

Items shipped out of warehouse are tracked and all shipping related details are captured in the process.

Stock Take

Automate the process of stock inventory on predefined periods to make sure the Items quantities are in track.

Data consolidation/Reports

Data Captured by multiple Mobile devices are consolidated and made availa ble for reporting or for ERP System.

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