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LG GDK-100

Office PBX system GDK-100 can be used in the hotel industry, as well as a number of useful functions: an alarm mode, registration of entry / exit, accounting and billing of negotiations and other.
LG GDK-100 has been successfully applied in the office, facilitated by ample opportunity organization. For example would be a function of the conference call: it can simultaneously conduct a five 5-party or thirteen 4-party or an unlimited number of 3-party conference.

LG GDK-100 PBX System Features:

  • Conference Call
  • Auto-tuning ISDN (communications central office to branch offices)
  • DECT
  • CTI – the ability to integrate PBXs with a computer
  • Voicemail
  • Outgoing calls cheaper route automatic selection
  • D-XDP – one port several independent telephones connecting
  • UCD – group of subscribers automatic call distribution
  • Autodial
  • PIN-code phone locking
  • Support modes (day, night, etc.)
  • Appointment of various classes of service for domestic issues
  • Hands-free alerts
  • Pay calls limiting
  • Intercom / lock
  • Menu language selection
  • The call interception, transfer or parking
  • Call duration limit
  • DISA – external caller can access internal pbx features on certain lines by keying in a special code
  • Setting talks duration limit
  • Background music
  • Fast dial
  • Automatic incoming calls distribution


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